Strategic sight


Sometimes the only thing we need do to see the beauty beyond is to intensify our focus.


Natura Bella e Copiosa


A sunlit, breezy August afternoon in what could be Umbria or Toscana brought back memories and reflections of wonderful days living in Italy.  Today, however, was a forty minute drive on Long Island to Greenport’s Raphael Winery with a tasting of Rose Pinot Noir and a blackberry-licorice laced Cabernet.    It was a day when Nature’s whispers calmed my soul and reminded me of Her Peace that surrounds us if we choose to look and feel Her warmth.

non manca il vino…

As harvest time begins over the hills of Rome, Tuscany and Umbria, Italian families begin collecting their wine casks for refilling.  Bold reds ~ delicate, crisp whites, slightly sweet prosecco ~ all varieties for all palates bless even the most modest Italian evening table.  This simple addition to a meal, with family around a table adds years to life and makes each moment just a bit more lively and enjoyable.Image