A Weekend Lesson of Gratitude


It was a weekend of looking back into a past I had lived with others – bittersweet, remote yet familiar. Another life passed in time in which random molecules of myself still reside. As I drive South on Sunday, this time the traffic flows freely compared with the double-time it took to return to my past on Friday. The lesson? Live Life in our present in our gratitude for all that It offers. Emerge from the shadows of our past with Life in the present and Love as Much as We Can Forever. Thank you Mary.

just me and what’s left of a tree

20150418_112818you no longer bloom in the same way. yet, you have beauty – uniquely yours. you are the home to several spiders and insects which have made their silken webs inside you. The bright bumble bee i had seen before buzzed by, wondering if you might be a place of safe respite.

from the top, i see that squirrels or chipmunks have used what’s left of your razed trunk as a comfortable dining area – nut shells adorn the crevices of your wood. even in decay, i embrace you. you are riddled with gaps in your structure, wide spaces where part of who you are has been taken from you, or destroyed, sometimes by others, sometimes just because of the process of time, of aging, of Nature…

i wish i could be strong, like you and stand, despite the loss. you have clearly been cut, by man – shaved almost cleanly to make room for “something else”. yet nothing else has replaced you. you are unique. still you stand. while all is blooming around you, you are not left alone. you are not forgotten in the multiple layers of the multiple universes surrounding us. i am here, with you.

An unexpected message


Perched regally on a neighbor’s rooftop, a heron’s wisdom brings messages of self-reliance, boundaries, exploration, self-esteem, balancing multiple tasks, dignity. Its appearance coincides with a surgical recovery, giving me another perspective of managing in life’s challenges.

Pace e Bene – Peace and Good Things Now & Always

Infusing peace, family and tradition

Infusing peace, family and tradition

The assignment was focus on a family tradition connected with the holidays, with something that your mother or grandmother or family member brings to the table to share during celebrations. From all ethnicities, from our past come offerings of goodness with genuine ingredients from which sweet and savory memories are made. In evoking greats like Proust, an attempt was made to connect something from heritage to the smiles, peace and goodness that are produced around human relationships. Bring that tradition in the form of a recipe with your investigative story to class and share. The results were amazing stories of grandmothers, European and Latin traditions, the present gift of memory-making shared in the experiences of real day-dreaming with classmates and treats. The lesson was deliciously profound with students bringing away much more than just satisfied tastebuds on a Friday in December!

Sharing the bounty


From Woodstock to Wall Street, what would it take for all those who “have” to take a moment and share their blessings with those who struggle? It can and does happen every day. “Look up to the sky and “see”…”choose to see, choose to share, choose to give and find how life is transformed.