Hold on tight….


As time often does, just when you feel you’re out of the woods and on a secure path to somewhere, something happens that leaves you scrambling for higher ground. The system that is in place is radically changing – they tell us for the better, but my doubts still nag somewhere deep inside. So, as we are still part of the system, we continue to be counted as a playing participant. When prices rise, we pay them. When leaders sell out their constituents for their own stash of the cash, we demonstrate, write letters and the laws still pass. When standards change, we grumble and have to accommodate them at work and in schools. When leaders talk about “hard work” and the dreams, I wonder why then much of the 99% invest, making their money work for them instead while they jet off to tropical islands, golfing tournaments or polo grounds for their “entertainment”. (Keeps them busy.) When experts rattle on, we listen and either turn off or argue with the television. We tell kids in school the same – work hard, play by the rules – but they see much too much contradiction in money buying innocence, and poverty securing guilt in a broken legal system.
In all of this experience of fraying ends, I find the squirrel in my backyard, immobile, clutching onto an immense tree as he’s contemplating which way to head next – straight up, sure, but which branch?
Take a moment’s pause, hold on, say a little prayer…and help will be on its way! Cliche’? Maybe full of them, but as you’re grasping for dear life with every shaking nerve, it helps to know that this too shall pass!


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