Natura Bella e Copiosa


A sunlit, breezy August afternoon in what could be Umbria or Toscana brought back memories and reflections of wonderful days living in Italy.  Today, however, was a forty minute drive on Long Island to Greenport’s Raphael Winery with a tasting of Rose Pinot Noir and a blackberry-licorice laced Cabernet.    It was a day when Nature’s whispers calmed my soul and reminded me of Her Peace that surrounds us if we choose to look and feel Her warmth.


merenda – mid-afternoon snack


a creamy slice of italian taleggio cheese and a handful of seedless red grapes almost instantly transport me to another time, another place in northern italy, far in the recesses of life past.   sometimes, we are so caught up in the rush of the day, the constant balancing on the tightrope of time, that we rarely if ever breathe between chomps of a sandwich and gulps of bottled water before the next bell, the next task, the next act in the play of the day.  and so after a non-stop day of paperwork, demands, and too little time for an occasional smile of awareness, as the october sun begins to set, today i intentionally welcome the pause of a moment to remember –better does exist-!