world trade centers

colors, sachets, passing-by.  brick faces. not a care.

nylons, cachets, sassing thighs, sex echoes, races in the air.

hunched old men wander through aisles of sales,

wives’ credit cards thrive while their reality fails.

codgers seek trophy-wives amid fabric and flounce,

bags, gems, clothes, shoes, callow blondes can’t renounce.

aging vanity chokes them with insanity.

flashing sales, selling flash, pearly whites, nev’r ‘nuf cash!

keep taking, can’t stop, no way to breathe, with his baby in bed, she’s got more than she needs.

breathless, dazed, helpless, crazed.

eyes gaze wide between the goods, humanity’s gone, misunderstood.

no good sense left to remain with the living, too much deceit to consider forgiving.

false lashes, false love, watching them as they crawl,

i have just enough breath torunfromthemall.


me diamond


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