August Sunrise

aug sunrise 18

In the early morning hours when dawn spills from the darkness, I am reminded, amid our tangled lifepaths, to whisper a prayer or two to a Power Much Stronger and Larger than Me with the belief that It will hear.


The Universe Responds


Last summer, I planted one Lemon Verbena in a hopeful butterfly garden without design along with three rose bushes.  Of the three rose bushes, one had totally died and only one is still left without blight.  This summer that one rose bush produces now for the second time copious, colorful blooms.  The verbena, without any intervention from my questionable green thumbs, have multiplied into an army of purple buds, attracting butterflies and bees.  Our wishes often arrive, not as we may have projected, but with work and desire, rewards can be just as satisfying.


entrapped in blue crystal, the depths of the sea, supple green figure are floating by me.

piercing white sparkles, caressing each crest, continuous motion, never at rest.

fluorescent creatures through the abyss dart, death and life cycles, ending to start.

contentment, illusion, the colors’ grand scheme, placating emotions, fulfilling some dreams.

the blue and i bind, in trance, it is done.  my tears and their salts fuse – we now are one.

yes, watch well around you, yet love deep from the soul and feel all living as part of your Whole.

for this is the secret – Peace- happiness’ key.  discover the Other is truly in Me.


Vivere la parola

Vivere la parola

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