Of No Use? Really?


Today, we had visitors at school. One of the most compassionate and caring groups of people who care for and help others adopt greyhounds. These loving animals are “run” for years for entertainment. (Those of you who know me understand that I have a problem with this concept!) When they are no longer able, they are useless for the entertainment industry that profits from them. The Long Island Greyhound Connection will put you in touch with these docile, gentle creatures who need love, so many of which become therapy companions. Consider ligc.org@gmail.com


Off the train and On the bus!

Off the train and On the bus!

Time is long overdue that those “egos-without-borders” (yes, including the corporations which are now almost fully categorized as individuals) who gain from the sweat and poverty of others, take stock of the direction their bullet train is taking and make a conscious choice to ‘get on the bus’.   The Message, given to us about 2000 years ago, led to the demise of the Messenger, an event which is at the basis of Truth, Justice and Love which is unaltered over Time.