Today’s Bounty

early morning squirrel

Never leave for tomorrow that which you can achieve today.


seeing through the smokescreen

Tonight I will be bringing students to once again meet the petite, yet dynamic Kathy Kelly, whose activism has earned her three Nobel Peace Prize nominations.  Being ready, able and so prepared in the arena of faith, belief, hope and love seems to me exactly what we are all supposed to realize and follow on our own paths.  Planning her visit on Long Island makes me feel as though I am part of something larger, more important, more purposeful.  I plod everyday to work, teaching or trying to bring interest to a world that is more in tune with “Dancing with the Stars” than reaching for the stars.  I question my path.  I wonder if it has meaning, if the seeming routine is merely a monotonous drumbeat, mandated but producing little but catatonic sounds.   Espresso wakes me.  Spirit keeps me.  Faith and Trust waver.