Urgent Care Sunday afternoon

urgent care

Without hope, broken dreams, it ain’t worth livin’, life ripped at the seams.

My paper bag sits with a bottle of cheap wine, no one cares Lord, but I am still Thine.


Sharing the bounty


From Woodstock to Wall Street, what would it take for all those who “have” to take a moment and share their blessings with those who struggle? It can and does happen every day. “Look up to the sky and “see”…”choose to see, choose to share, choose to give and find how life is transformed.

The Night of the Mantis

2014 sept miguel n laundry room 009

as summer ends and autumn begins, the prayer of the Night Mantis soars to heaven that it may be heard even amid the destruction.

Off the train and On the bus!

Off the train and On the bus!

Time is long overdue that those “egos-without-borders” (yes, including the corporations which are now almost fully categorized as individuals) who gain from the sweat and poverty of others, take stock of the direction their bullet train is taking and make a conscious choice to ‘get on the bus’.   The Message, given to us about 2000 years ago, led to the demise of the Messenger, an event which is at the basis of Truth, Justice and Love which is unaltered over Time.



from a pinnacle sits a lone bird facing sunrise and calls for the hope a new day may potentially bring. we arise each day with a new hope because we have been promised through our beliefs, our hard works and … Continue reading

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as Easter nears…

as Easter nears…

that which might be uppermost in our minds should turn to the sacrifice we must all make to lend our support to the downtrodden, to assist the afflicted, to help right the wrongs that exist in our world even in … Continue reading

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weighing in

From decisions gone awry that powerful men make each and every day,
the children are left to pay. Listening to the news, we never fully understand
how each day unfolds or stagnates for those who seem to be powerless
throughout parts of the world unable to find respite. Do we care to find the
truth or continue on paths that seal the status quo? Listen to children speak.
http://www.globaldaysoflistening.org & http://www.ourjourneytosmile.com


in times of crisis that loom too large for any one entity,
examples are all around us that we are ultimately One
in world and in connection. isn’t it about time we learned
cooperation and not competition to suppress, oppress and
defeat are the orders of real life?