Solitary Love

The grass had been replaced by moss which had grown painstakingly around the trees in the shaded grove. My friend, with whom I agreed to take a ride “out East” needed to talk with several of the residents so I took a stroll in the silence while she discussed. Three swans floated on the lake in-between occasional surface plants that broke the ripples of the water. I felt the presence of Nature as She breathed with me in synchronism on Her Path. I walked to the gazebo and the swans glided towards me. Unbelievably, I felt enveloped, cared for and loved in solitude without anyone nearby.



nights too cold

I wait in the darkness, lying like the Maja

after our exchange of insults and barbed-wire words.

Only your shoulders face me

and I am surrounded by this suffocating silence.

My voice whispers to you in this night

and I don’t understand this silence pressing against me.

I rest alone, only confused.

I feel the warmth of your skin

near mine, this night.

Still, only the rays of the ascending moon

touch me with love on this one of many nights too cold.Image.