At the Corner of Memory Lane

bloodmoon eclpise on memory lane

After 9, before 10pm….cars rev their engines as they drive down the block, zooming by catapulted by some strange energy on a Sunday evening when most are usually winding down the weekend before Monday’s workday morning.  Blood Moon Eclipse begins.  An historic weekend ends.  My prayers are stronger, more convincing and I feel I am witnessing part of a call like never before.


August Sunrise

aug sunrise 18

In the early morning hours when dawn spills from the darkness, I am reminded, amid our tangled lifepaths, to whisper a prayer or two to a Power Much Stronger and Larger than Me with the belief that It will hear.

The Universe Responds


Last summer, I planted one Lemon Verbena in a hopeful butterfly garden without design along with three rose bushes.  Of the three rose bushes, one had totally died and only one is still left without blight.  This summer that one rose bush produces now for the second time copious, colorful blooms.  The verbena, without any intervention from my questionable green thumbs, have multiplied into an army of purple buds, attracting butterflies and bees.  Our wishes often arrive, not as we may have projected, but with work and desire, rewards can be just as satisfying.

Pace e Bene – Peace and Good Things Now & Always

Infusing peace, family and tradition

Infusing peace, family and tradition

The assignment was focus on a family tradition connected with the holidays, with something that your mother or grandmother or family member brings to the table to share during celebrations. From all ethnicities, from our past come offerings of goodness with genuine ingredients from which sweet and savory memories are made. In evoking greats like Proust, an attempt was made to connect something from heritage to the smiles, peace and goodness that are produced around human relationships. Bring that tradition in the form of a recipe with your investigative story to class and share. The results were amazing stories of grandmothers, European and Latin traditions, the present gift of memory-making shared in the experiences of real day-dreaming with classmates and treats. The lesson was deliciously profound with students bringing away much more than just satisfied tastebuds on a Friday in December!


suora 80 anni

Work ennobles the soul. Working with meaning makes your life rich with purpose. Your joy depends upon the realization that “you” are unique and purposefully make a difference, however small, in this experience called life.

For the Love of the Other

dr mads norway gaza

What’s his name?  Where’s his birth?  How much is his portfolio worth?  Is he black, red, brown or white?  Does he live in fear or die with might?

As a woman, man or child, who has the right to take his smile, to withhold water, to take his land, to judge his soul among the damned?

All life belongs to you, to me, all children ours, our humanity.  No time to listen?  The time is NOW! No planning, thinking of just how…just open your eyes, just “learn to see”, just open your hearts, just  let Love be….“To the least of these,  you do to Me.”

Lake Kenoshia Saturday

Lake Kenoshia Saturday

Handmade wedding favors shared with family reunited across time, distance and spaces never mentioned blossom into a casual Connecticut afternoon and a sense of Love.

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Caffé Borgia Saturdays

  She met him again after so many years, not enough stories,an abundance of tears. Each telltale smile of what used to be emblazoned on hearts released and now free. This sidewalk café, espresso, sweet rolls,were years their main fare amid Saturdays’ souls. The East … Continue reading

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feels so good. Take a moment to give. Distribute it widely and the Universe shall repay in kind.

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