What the world needs now….

This day of remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., days before an inauguration that leaves the world breathless,  reminds us that we still have far to travel to claim a tenable, legitimate sense of peace, empathy and justice.

Changing situations without offering solutions of necessary and proper nurturing does not bode well.  One of the first “rules” in leadership learned in extended research and investigation emphasizes understanding leadership as service to others…and beneficial change as requiring time with due diligence.  Assessing the realities of a civil society in blending individualism, freedom and community begs for balance.

Chili is a delicious combination of a number of ingredients needing the right amount of spices in the correct proportion nurtured with a steady temperature.  Balance in the recipe will result in a satisfying dish.  Even the most expensive ingredients can be ruined by not following the recipe.

NIMB ~ presupposes that bringing anyone into another’s sphere of influence automatically means lowering your own standards.  Yet most of us have benefited over time, with education, peace of mind despite difficulties and fair & proportioned opportunities for work.   The struggles our ancestors faced repeat still today.

Sowing random seeds just to propagate may or may not yield desired results.  Planting with a plan in mind, watering and giving adequate nutrition daily and consistently, trimming and thinning when necessary, protecting against disease and harmful elements, caring for development and not just creation will likely increase the chances of successful produce, as any farmer knows.   And all of this arises in an atmosphere of understanding the value of hard work persevered alongside fair and real opportunity…




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