just me and what’s left of a tree

20150418_112818you no longer bloom in the same way. yet, you have beauty – uniquely yours. you are the home to several spiders and insects which have made their silken webs inside you. The bright bumble bee i had seen before buzzed by, wondering if you might be a place of safe respite.

from the top, i see that squirrels or chipmunks have used what’s left of your razed trunk as a comfortable dining area – nut shells adorn the crevices of your wood. even in decay, i embrace you. you are riddled with gaps in your structure, wide spaces where part of who you are has been taken from you, or destroyed, sometimes by others, sometimes just because of the process of time, of aging, of Nature…

i wish i could be strong, like you and stand, despite the loss. you have clearly been cut, by man – shaved almost cleanly to make room for “something else”. yet nothing else has replaced you. you are unique. still you stand. while all is blooming around you, you are not left alone. you are not forgotten in the multiple layers of the multiple universes surrounding us. i am here, with you.


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