A Child’s Solution to The Game

flashback fotos 155This morning while children were playing at a summer enrichment program, I began a conversation with an 8 year old girl who noticed, as I did, that the young boys increased their animation, raised their voices and their gesticulating during group play together when they couldn’t agree. Before their ruckus, she had been quietly concentrating, engaged in illustrating new vocabulary words, painstakingly with a bright array of colored and scented markers.  I thought I would ask her a few questions regarding our observations.

Q.  What do you think is the problem?

A.  First of all, they shouldn’t even play that game if they don’t know how to play.

Q.  What happens when they don’t know how to play the game they chose?

A.  They start making their own rules.

Q.  Is that good or bad?

A.  Well, it’s good because they’re using their brains.  But it’s bad because they can start arguing about the rules.

Q.  What happens when they argue about the rules of a game they know nothing about?

A.  They get loud, noisy and get into a big fight.

Q.  If you were their “teacher” what would you recommend for those who are fighting?

A.  They have to work together; either agree on one rule or find out about how to play that game the right way.

Q.  What would you do if they can’t agree on one rule?

A.  They can play different games that they all know how to play.

Wisdom from a growing girl to an age-old problem that the leaders of the world just can’t seem to resolve.  Just sayin’….


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