90 cents. plus my two at 1:32 a.m.

This evening, I sat through a CSN Concert in Connecticut which brought me back to the hope of the 60s, when music said something and where three part harmony blended with forceful words which spurred us to action, to beliefs, to movements.

Then I check my email from Our Journey to Smile – Afghan youth seeking non-violence in their lives.  I see genocide in Gaza, parties choosing death over truce, hatred from all sides, children fleeing for their lives into where they believe is hope for a better life and being met with jeers and ignorance, hatred and a horrible breed of people.  Politicians and corporations in collusion promoting profit margins over personal advancement of a vast number of children in their warping of education.  And ill-spoken demanding people of minimal common sense or virtue who spout off about their rights to possess automatic weapons while their responsibilities need not be even questioned.

What has happened to our dreams, our reason, our beliefs?


“We can change the world, rearrange the world, 

if you believe in justice, if you believe in freedom,

let a man live his own life, rules and regulations who needs them?  

Open up the doors!

Chicago – CSN





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