Auto “Car-Ma”


So I stop in to get my NYS registration / emissions update this month and see a NYS State Police Car in the driveway among others parked near the business. I enter and start speaking to the shop-owner Rocco about the difference between the stated MPG when I bought the car and the ACTUAL MPG now that I have been driving awhile. We get to chatting and they check my last “convenience” oil change – done in April at a place near work. You know how it is when those blessed electronic lights go on, never go off and fear strikes to the tone of “get-that-looked-at-asap”. Time, the guy said as I was getting that oil change, for the 20,000 mile check, too.

The technician comes in and interrupts our conversation. Looks like the “convenience” place put in the wrong oil (which could be the drag on the MPG efficiency) AND overcharged for the 20,000 mile assessment. I am now having the AutoTech guys remove the wrong oil and check what’s already been done and fix whatever may have been done incorrectly. I bring in the old bill and Rocco tells me, it’s double what we would have honestly charged for the same service. “That’s why I’m not rich,” says the shop-owner. “Maybe not,” I answer, “but you do what’s right! And that good reputation will give you your business!” And the State Police car? “We fix them here,” Rocco tells me.

I now know I have been overcharged…which can happen only ONCE. Granted, that’s once too many times. BUT, thanks to people at Auto-Tech on Central Ave S, Bethpage, I have a place with good “Kharma” to bring my car and people whom I can truly trust for honest work and honest, competitive pricing. (Call Rocco)


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