Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day 2014

“Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the consequences of war, to commit ourselves to end the cycle of violence, and to the return all those in harm’s way to their loved ones. Memorial Day is a sacred day of loss and remembrance and hope for a world without war. It is not the beginning of summer, a day for sales and for military demonstrations. Memorial Day is a sacred day. ” – M. Melkonian, LI Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives

And so, on Memorial Day 2014, people who believe in a better way than to always resort to and extol war will carry a trail of ribbons on the boardwalk at Jones Beach. Each pink, white, brown or purple ribbon represents the loss of a loved one from LI in the recent Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Women have hand-written the name of each departed military service-person with age and hometown, woven them into a trail which reaches incredible lengths. After calling out each name, prayers will be said for these souls. THIS is how Memorial Day should honor the memory of those loved who no longer are with us.


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