signs of spring

signs of spring

Arriving at 6:45am and ready to participate in the spring celebration concurrent (almost to the day) with St. Joseph, morning was cold, damp and breezy. My body shuddered in its inability after espresso to keep warm. Wanting to help, I stumbled in and began to help with my small, insignificant part. Yet, it is the sum of all parts, all working together towards a common purpose, a concerted goal that brings a certain touch, an amorphous strength gathered through which success takes on a breath of its own. As I tripped outside to toss extra particle-board shreds into the giant trash compactor on school property where only custodians dare tread, I wrenched open the rusted bolt. There were many, I knew, who would as educators, not go near this mammoth, rusted container. I cherished the moment of calm and cold. A breeze blew through me, sending another chill through my body, brushing my hair in a direction opposite to its original coif. As I turned to walk inside back to the entry table and my station for this celebration, the sun split through the parting clouds in an at-that-moment message just for me. And I fully felt that surrendering the day to that Entity who sent me the message would guarantee a perfect outcome, which indeed it did!


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