Sometimes when I wake up and drag myself from bed on a too-chilly Monday morning,
I remember photos like these. Kids need community. They need family. They need to
know that there is someone who will wake up on a chilly Monday morning and be there
for them..if they are smiling, if they are grumpy, if they are ecstatic or if they are depressed.
They need, as we all do, the presence of someone in their lives who truly cares about and for them. This, not any educational reform strategy to benefit big business, is the mainstay and fabric of our society’s future.


2 thoughts on “Presence.

  1. This really captures the heart and soul of a person born to teach–you! I loved your message, and I love the truths behind all of your entries. You have found a powerful way to carry your hopes for a better world into our minds and hearts. M.

    • your words, ESPECIALLY yours, mean more to me than you can imagine. your caring, your “ya-ya” sisterhood and the many dreams we share help make my life so much richer. as always, in gratitude and appreciation for your presence in my life, mare!

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