Some politicians demonstrate traits of the squirrel. When they are elected into political office (formerly known as servant of the people) by the rest of the rat race because they have the visibility (thanks to big donors and special interests), they climb to new heights. There they separate themselves from those of similar rodents who haven’t the ability to build their nests hidden among the leaves of the trees, loftily away from their past. Inconspicuous in nature, their dealings and dwellings frequently remain hidden because of their separation, their height and the many leaves and twigs that block vision from the rest of the rat race. Only with the passing of time, beginning in autumn, understood in winter, are their truths revealed to the rest of the rat race. The cycle of gearing up for campaigns shall return…big money, special interests and green will sprout to cover their antics and nests yet again.  This next time will the rat race remember or forget?


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