Trust the Stars

Stella had tasted the bitterness of poverty and the sting of hopelessness which never quite seemed to permit her to enjoy the present without the looming fear of their return until one day.   Her disabled father for whom she had been caretaker, bedridden for much too long a time, was nearing the end of his  life.  Stella’s  love yearned to make his last days as comfortable as possible for he had been in pain for many months.   She decided that cool cotton bed sheets would help to give him some comfort  along with her care.   She had been able to do without the sheets, the added expense,  placing just a duvet cover over the bed padding to ease her father’s weary muscles and bones.   But now, his delicate skin, the aching muscles, the life-tired bones exaggerated every  pain and scratch…comfort was difficult to provide.

Stella checked in a local department store for the highest thread count that would guarantee the softest natural cotton bed linens – 600 count:  $80.00 – 800 count:  $100.00 – the prices increased as the sheets became softer, more comforting for her father.  But she could only scrape together $50.00 from her last paycheck and some loose change she had received for some extra errands she performed for a neighbor.  $50.00 – there was nothing that Stella could find within her means that would guarantee the softness she had so wished for a touch of comfort.    She left the department store, disheartened and wondering what to do.

As she was walking home from the bus stop, she passed a discount department store, not particularly noted for its quality merchandise.  A bright orange and black sign shouted a 20% discount on all purchases for this day.  Taking a look might not hurt, she mused, and she diverted her step to the discount department store.   Strolling through the aisles of bed linens, microfiber  100% polyester  filled the shelves in all colors, all hues, all sizes.  Eyes sifting through each shelf , Stella stopped at a small package of white cotton sheets with delicate patterned white stripes at a thread count of 400 for $32.99.  She thought that 400 was not an extraordinarily high thread count to be soft enough,  but the reasonable price, minus an additional 20% gave her pause for consideration.   It was the only package of its kind in the aisle;  the only pure, natural cotton; the only plain, pure white; the only price within her budget.  As she slightly unzipped the package to feel the fabric, she smoothed her fingers across the cotton weave.   The tips of her fingers slid over the fabric like warmth over silk and she was assured that this package was meant for her to offer to her father in comfort and in love.

Getting home, she changed the bed linens for her father  whose broken body absorbed the cool smoothness of the cotton with tranquility unmatched.   Stella’s fears had been assuaged.  The Universe had provided the opportune moment and results.  Oh, the other packages of 600, 800, 1200 thread count may have been just as smooth or even better, but as events unfolded with a sense of trust and purpose,  just the right package at just the right price with just the right results unfolded as effortlessly as it took for The Universe to bring Stella to where she was meant to be all along.

Trust is such an elusive virtue for some to master, but in hindsight, as you grow in its light, even in poverty, you rest assured a little more each day that The Universe is indeed there for you.




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