street children

street children

despite solitude and abandonment by society, these children in Kabul radiate from “being found”, cared for and loved by the Afghan Peace Volunteers and Dr. Hakim. Their smiles reveal precious testimony of what it means to care.


5 thoughts on “street children

    • Please get in touch with them..or me. I work/volunteer on their outreach in education for the NY Metro area. It would be a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you for your interest. And may your Goodness be blessed!

  1. Thanks a lot. If you can share your email address, I will write to you as I am interested in collecting feature stories for my blog-site. child rights remains a topic very close to my heart. Looking forward to hearing then!

    • my email address is: you can also speak directly with afghan youth in kabul afghanistan to find out from them the kinds of lives they lead. these young people have organized under the direction of dr. hakim who teaches them and leads them to pursue a life of non-violent values and living. if you are interested in speaking with dr. hakim…we can arrange this as well. thank you for your interest. jacqueline

      • Thanks for your response and encouragement. I’m drafting an email and really appreciate these ideas that I can highlight through stories. Thank you and good luck in your endeavors. S

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