on the road

italy agosto 2012 021

besides capturing a certain amount of heritage or maybe a past life, i feel a fascinating mystique with Italy that keeps encouraging my return to a life of unexpected surprise and wonder. this, despite the corruption in government which has been lamented for centuries by citizens so much so that it has become the fodder for political disgust, debate and dissent. old men still crowd around i bar caffé to animatedly contest the newest government faux-pax from right or left. strangers smile and attempt to start a conversation with buongiorno, di dov’é Lei? a charm to life and secret to living encase the simplest espresso, a flirty glance from an interested stranger or rows of jammed FIATs traveling home on the autostrada from Via Salaria or Via Nomentana in Rome. a part of me stirs from the past and possibilities entice me towards a future each time i walk and turn the corner on another cobblestone street. somewhere, that part of me needs reclaiming.


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