waiting….at dusk






4 thoughts on “waiting….at dusk

    • “O” was destined to be terminated in Florida when a man holding her in the palm of his hand called out of a lowered window of a rolling car to my daughter, “Hey, you want a puppy?” My daughter then just nineteen and a bit taken off-guard responded, “Yeah, sure.” He hastily transfered a curled bon-bon of a puppy into her hand with paper. “O” fit perfectly in her cupped palm, as she later recounted to me. Upon closer examination, she noticed that “O” had a sort of cleft paw and an extra toe. She is apparently a mixed breed, rat terrier – smart, speedy and very lovable. After “O”, I have come to realize even more than before how inconsequential a perceived defect truly is…and the lack and loss of those whose perception only allows for contrived perfection. “O” is as close to human and perfect as they come!

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