North Philly RaP at Penn

a nervous laugh, a fleeting gaze, a life survived from a self-woven maze,
he moves along with eyes that dart from side to side, discover, start
to reciprocate a smile or cast a glance, foresee a hit, pickpocket’s chance
at grabbing, taking something not owned, but sought or used or maybe loaned.
a tender heart, hardened by time, now softened more by prose and rhyme.
he smiles at me, laughs just a bit, exchanging carefree words we sit.
drops of sweat evaporated, dissolving memories of being hated
for the essence of what we are from those whose power leaves more than scars
upon the souls of he who tries to live his life, ignoring lies.
so as this sun sets on the New York sky, his playful smile at this goodbye
is the start of a friendship borne, of one life survived, strong but worn.
what i can give to you and me are friendship, love and purity.
for reasons unknown, we have met, our lives enriched without regret.

blwh hands


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