Vivere la parola

Words are never enough of a substitute for actions.   This reminds me of an old Italian saying, “Fra il dire e il fare, c’e’ nel mezzo il mare.”

There is, for many, an abyss between what is said and what is done.  All talk about Love and God, preaching from pulpits, following dogma to the letter, yet consider what is witnessed from East to West in our everyday lives.  All the prophets, it seems, speak of the same downfall, across all borders, all confines, all nations and people.

You’ve got to be Living the Spirit, Living the Word, Standing for justice , what’s right and be heard.

‘Cause’ Jesus is watching,  He’ watching it all, feeling our hearts while watching us crawl

 at the hands of the demons and the words of the liars promoting their destruction to rebuild our desires.

 So say your prayers now while you’re praying is still heard.  Feel the soul of the other and your blood in your word.


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