transcend to one

How many lifetimes will it take, to feel the difference that you make, 

to take the time, to say that word…of kindness, maybe yet unheard?

A glance of knowing, a kindred soul, maybe jut one act

can make partial, whole.

The cost is nil, it takes but strength to enter lives with depth and length.

Therein the treasure, one shall find, deep in the other’s soul and mind.

It is the essence, what you choose to be, the power, peace, eternity.

For what’s in me, I’ll find in you, all thoughts when pondered, their actions, too

reflect a tiny bit in each, in all, developed, bred, we rise or fall.

We choose or not to be aware, tuned in to spirit, to feel, to care.

And if we do, we take that chance to blindly crawl or truly dance

on each one’s path this offer stands, just waiting for your open hands,

your heart that’s clean and open, pure, to reach One Soul and thereby endure.Image


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