one string, many beads…

Like most teachers and mothers getting ready to go back to school, I have decided to radically clean my office-study space before next Tuesday.   The problem always seems to settle around worksheets or valuable information sheets that I have kept in piles, some neat, some less-so, waiting for the day of decision.   Do I save, toss or recycle?  Old issues of education, cooking and fashion magazines sit disheveled, waiting for the verdict.  My guess is that most will be tied into neat bundles and put out for county “recycling”, yet in a far away land, in Uganda, women are taking these magazines to meticulously and painstakingly create beads for trendy, fashion jewelry and their own personal ticket out of poverty.

Bead for Life is an organization which empowers women in Uganda through their creation of beads from cutting, rolling and varnishing strips of magazines and paper to refine into brightly colored beads.  Groups for schools, community service, special interest or houses of worship have the option to buy beads in bulk and make their own creations or buy bracelets, necklaces already made and ready to wear.

Teachers, leaders of community service groups or those who are just interested in contributing by buying the jewelry, having a jewelry party, or leading others to bead, create and give at the same time have a number of options.  It’s about finding an occasion to do something, however little and seemingly insignificant, and making a difference.   Truly a chance for kharma to spread from their hands to yours and back to theirs again!


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