Things take time..


Taking time to cook healthy food, conversing with family and friends, losing weight, developing a new skill or learning a new language, whatever accomplishment you might be able to imagine, more than likely, it took some time to master. Today August 26th, we remember Women’s Equality Day and personally, I wonder about that term “equality” and its meaning for people.

My mother was born in 1920, when the vote had just been given to women in the United States. Yet, the formation of the organization, the National Women’s Suffrage Association, begun in 1869 by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who tirelessly demonstrated and organized, proves that today’s realities are indeed accomplished through yesterday’s blood, sweat and tears. Women have a gift, sometimes miraculous, which is seemingly less appreciated by popular culture and media. It is in danger of being trivialized and eradicated. As nurturers, women have had a key role in understanding and resolving conflict, in families, with friends and even with strangers. These qualities are furthered and reflected in a life pondered and activated with strength in the realization that their role is the bond that can glue families and situations together or split and scatter the same to the far corners of the universe. For the vote, it took more than fifty years to have women just be able to legally voice an option for legislators and leaders. What made women considered lesser for those in power? What creates the obstacles faced today, politically, socially, economically for many groups? Conjecture may say it is an intrinsic strength that needs to be carefully considered, honed and expressed with a level of unity, discernment and sagacity.

Women were always the first with whom Christ confided, spoke, appeared, revealed – there is a deep significance, often unnoticed, in this Biblical verity. But women choosing to follow less nurturing pathways have also been the demise of many a sitution throughout history. Awaken the consciousness of women about the impact they can have, give them the empowerment without falling prey to the lures of popular culture dissuading them from their very nature of nurture and I wonder what changes could take place in our world! I’m not sure that conflicts would result in interminable wars and senseless, continued deaths. I’m not sure that mistrust, distrust and stealth operations would be the common practice among governments. I’m not sure that countries would have no drinking water or enough food, resources, gainful employment, a civil standard of life for their own people.

Women, nurturers, teachers, nurses, social workers, civil public servants of the people, in many states of this country are obliged to act in case of conflict…report, intervene in some way, or risk losing their state license! These same people are trained for conflict resolution, rather than aggressive or offensive intervention. Why are leaders not held to the same standard? Much to ponder….

So on this day of Women’s Equality, my wish for all sisters worldwide is that they truly and deeply understand the value of their being, that they be cognizant of their actions, taking moments to reflect with minds, hearts and souls and realize that perseverance, unity and yes, time will realize the benefits of their power in action.


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