For the Love of the Other

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What’s his name?  Where’s his birth?  How much is his portfolio worth?  Is he black, red, brown or white?  Does he live in fear or die with might?

As a woman, man or child, who has the right to take his smile, to withhold water, to take his land, to judge his soul among the damned?

All life belongs to you, to me, all children ours, our humanity.  No time to listen?  The time is NOW! No planning, thinking of just how…just open your eyes, just “learn to see”, just open your hearts, just  let Love be….“To the least of these,  you do to Me.”

Fun, redefined

Fun, redefined

Today, it was an 8 year old boy, waiting patiently in line.  Each day during this summer enrichment program, we begin with a word of the day, usually one the children know.  Then there are directions to alter the word … Continue reading

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A Child’s Solution to The Game

flashback fotos 155This morning while children were playing at a summer enrichment program, I began a conversation with an 8 year old girl who noticed, as I did, that the young boys increased their animation, raised their voices and their gesticulating during group play together when they couldn’t agree. Before their ruckus, she had been quietly concentrating, engaged in illustrating new vocabulary words, painstakingly with a bright array of colored and scented markers.  I thought I would ask her a few questions regarding our observations.

Q.  What do you think is the problem?

A.  First of all, they shouldn’t even play that game if they don’t know how to play.

Q.  What happens when they don’t know how to play the game they chose?

A.  They start making their own rules.

Q.  Is that good or bad?

A.  Well, it’s good because they’re using their brains.  But it’s bad because they can start arguing about the rules.

Q.  What happens when they argue about the rules of a game they know nothing about?

A.  They get loud, noisy and get into a big fight.

Q.  If you were their “teacher” what would you recommend for those who are fighting?

A.  They have to work together; either agree on one rule or find out about how to play that game the right way.

Q.  What would you do if they can’t agree on one rule?

A.  They can play different games that they all know how to play.

Wisdom from a growing girl to an age-old problem that the leaders of the world just can’t seem to resolve.  Just sayin’….

Blessed Be the Little Children

Blessed Be the Little Children

What we see as global leadership fails miserably as men in business suits make excuses on all sides  much like adolescents who cling to bravado, gang-mentalities and extinction of the other.

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90 cents. plus my two at 1:32 a.m.

This evening, I sat through a CSN Concert in Connecticut which brought me back to the hope of the 60s, when music said something and where three part harmony blended with forceful words which spurred us to action, to beliefs, to movements.

Then I check my email from Our Journey to Smile – Afghan youth seeking non-violence in their lives.  I see genocide in Gaza, parties choosing death over truce, hatred from all sides, children fleeing for their lives into where they believe is hope for a better life and being met with jeers and ignorance, hatred and a horrible breed of people.  Politicians and corporations in collusion promoting profit margins over personal advancement of a vast number of children in their warping of education.  And ill-spoken demanding people of minimal common sense or virtue who spout off about their rights to possess automatic weapons while their responsibilities need not be even questioned.

What has happened to our dreams, our reason, our beliefs?


“We can change the world, rearrange the world, 

if you believe in justice, if you believe in freedom,

let a man live his own life, rules and regulations who needs them?  

Open up the doors!

Chicago – CSN




North End Red-White and Blues

North End Red-White and Blues

Weaving into my past, driving through streets of uncontrollable memories, I felt a compulsion to stop for ice cream. Maybe it was my inner child reaching for cold solace on an all-too-dry tongue. The North End of town crumbled into … Continue reading

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Auto “Car-Ma”


So I stop in to get my NYS registration / emissions update this month and see a NYS State Police Car in the driveway among others parked near the business. I enter and start speaking to the shop-owner Rocco about the difference between the stated MPG when I bought the car and the ACTUAL MPG now that I have been driving awhile. We get to chatting and they check my last “convenience” oil change – done in April at a place near work. You know how it is when those blessed electronic lights go on, never go off and fear strikes to the tone of “get-that-looked-at-asap”. Time, the guy said as I was getting that oil change, for the 20,000 mile check, too.

The technician comes in and interrupts our conversation. Looks like the “convenience” place put in the wrong oil (which could be the drag on the MPG efficiency) AND overcharged for the 20,000 mile assessment. I am now having the AutoTech guys remove the wrong oil and check what’s already been done and fix whatever may have been done incorrectly. I bring in the old bill and Rocco tells me, it’s double what we would have honestly charged for the same service. “That’s why I’m not rich,” says the shop-owner. “Maybe not,” I answer, “but you do what’s right! And that good reputation will give you your business!” And the State Police car? “We fix them here,” Rocco tells me.

I now know I have been overcharged…which can happen only ONCE. Granted, that’s once too many times. BUT, thanks to people at Auto-Tech on Central Ave S, Bethpage, I have a place with good “Kharma” to bring my car and people whom I can truly trust for honest work and honest, competitive pricing. (Call Rocco)

Lake Kenoshia Saturday

Lake Kenoshia Saturday

Handmade wedding favors shared with family reunited across time, distance and spaces never mentioned blossom into a casual Connecticut afternoon and a sense of Love.

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